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We have a vast experience in conveyancing matters which include the transfer of immovable property, registration of mortgage bonds, opening of townships and sectional title registers and all other conveyancing matters.

High Court Litigation

We specialize in High Court Litigation for large commercial clients predominantly in the financial services industry.

Notarial Work

Our firm has various notaries able to assist with antenuptial contracts, servitudes, long term lease agreements, authentication of documents and all other notarial work.

Commercial Law

We can assist clients with all legal matters relevant to businesses which includes the registration and amendments of companies, shareholder’s agreements, sale of business and small enterprise development.

Trusts, Deceased Estates & Wills

We attend to the winding-up of deceased estates, drafting of wills and registration and amendments of trusts.

Our team of


The professionals at Haasbroek & Boezaart Inc. are suitably qualified individuals with a wealth of experiance rooted in exemplary academic qualifications.

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About haasbroek & boezaart inc.

The foundations of Haasbroek & Boezaart Inc. are to be found in the partnership formed by Willie van der Merwe, Johan Haasbroek and Ted Boezaart on 2 December 1948.

This partnership was dissolved on 30 November 1957 whereafter Johan Haasbroek and Ted Boezaart formed the partnership of Haasbroek and Boezaart, which subsisted until December 1988 when Haasbroek & Boezaart Inc. was registered.

The board of directors of Haasbroek & Boezaart Inc. currently has five directors, all of whom are admitted attorneys and members of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.

At Haasbroek & Boezaart Inc. we employ personnel, on all levels of employment, from various ethnic groups and socio-economic backgrounds. We also firmly support affirmative action initiatives which give rise to the tangible upliftment of previously disadvantaged groups.

In this vain we endeavour to assist in attaining these results by supporting staff members and newly-formed Black Owned enterprises with the transfer of skills, knowledge and financial assistance.

This approach has given rise thereto that we currently hold a LEVEL 2 BBBEE Rating, the certificate of which can be downloaded by following below link.

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Functions of the Executor after receipt of the Letters of Executorship

At first instance the Executor may appoint an agent to act on his behalf. Most often this is the case when the Executor is the surviving spouse or child with little or no knowledge of deceased estate administration. The agent may only act accordingly to the Power of Attorney granted to him or her. However, the Executor remains the sole responsible party.

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The requirements for a valid will

Drafting and signing a last will and testament may be one of the most important documents you attend to during your lifetime. We briefly look at the validity requirements for a valid last will and testament.

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