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René Ellis joined Haasbroek & Boezaart in 1990 after obtaining the degrees B Com LLB at the University of Pretoria. After completing her articles she was offered a position as professional assistant in the Conveyancing Department. She became a director in 1995 and is presently a member of the management committee of Haasbroek & Boezaart Inc.

She attends to conveyancing matters and is a property lawyer par excellence, including the opening of township registers and sectional title registers and also to the registration of bonds and transfers for private and corporate clients, financial institutions, local governments and developers. She has specialised knowledge of transfers resulting from forced sales by sheriffs of the courts, transfers from insolvent and deceased estates and has extensive experience in working with various financial institutions.

René served as member of the property committee of the Pretoria Attorneys Association.

chanel morton dos santos


Chanel Morton dos Santos completed her LLB degree at the University of Pretoria in 2010. She joined Haasbroek & Boezaart Attorneys where she served and completed her articles. She was admitted as an Attorney during 2013 and was appointed as a Director soon thereafter. She is currently involved in the conveyancing department as an exceptional property lawyer dealing with all conveyancing matters with a special focus on sheriff transfers, properties in possession, the registration of mortgage bonds on behalf of financial institutions, transfers of immovable property for private individuals as well as insolvent transfers.

johan van der merwe


Johan Van Der Merwe joined Haasbroek & Boezaart Inc. as a candidate attorney in 2017 and was admitted as an attorney and notary public in 2018. Since then he was appointed as a professional assistant in the litigation department and subsequently appointed as associate heading up our general High Court litigation matters.

Johan holds a LLB degree with distinction from the University of Pretoria and also obtained his Master’s Degree in Banking Law from the same University, again with distinction.

Johan was appointed as director within the firm from 1 May 2022.

Riaan Vlotman


Riaan Vlotman joined the company in 2011 as a candidate attorney. He initially obtained his B Com (Law) degree from the University of Pretoria after which he also achieved his LLB degree from the same university. He went on to obtain a Master’s Degree (also from the University of Pretoria) in 2010, during which time he held a position as academic associate and then as junior lecturer in the Law of Succession in the Department of Private Law at the University of Pretoria.

Riaan is an admitted Attorney, Notary Public and Conveyancer and started practicing as a Director at Haasbroek & Boezaart Inc during 2013. He is involved in the conveyancing department, heading the department dealing with transfers from deceased estates. He is also involved with Commercial Law, the winding up of deceased estates, trusts and company law.

Nico Boezaart


Nico Boezaart joined Haasbroek & Boezaart in 1971 as candidate attorney. He was admitted as an attorney, conveyancer and notary after obtaining the degree B Proc at the University of South Africa. He has practised as partner and later as director of Haasbroek & Boezaart Inc ever since. He obtained an MBL degree also at the University of South Africa.

Nico specializes in Commercial Law, Conveyancing and the administration of deceased estates. His academic training and his hands-on experience as chairperson of the firm’s management committee and as director of numerous companies enables him to understand the practical implications of commercial dilemmas and to find possible solutions to them.

As conveyancer he attends to conveyancing for corporate clients, local governments and individuals and is also involved in the registration of bonds on behalf of financial institutions.

Jan van Rensburg


Jan van Rensburg was admitted as an attorney in 1971 after obtaining the degrees BA and LL B at the University of Pretoria. He completed his articles with Haasbroek & Boezaart and has practised as partner and later as director. He served as a member of the Management Committee of the company for many years until his resignation as director in 2001. He is currently a consultant.

Hein Reinecke


Hein Reinecke joined Haasbroek & Boezaart in 1973 after being employed as a senior examiner in the Deeds Office. He completed his articles at Adams & Adams and was admitted in 1973 as attorney, conveyancer and notary after obtaining the degrees BA LL B. He is currently a consultant.

Hein specializes in Conveyancing and with his vast knowledge in this field assists various colleagues throughout Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Northern Province and North West Province with their conveyancing problems. Hein attends to conveyancing matters on behalf of a variety of clients, including correspondents, local governments, corporate clients and private developers and clients.

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